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Vintage British Motorcycle parts and repair

Fred, the owner of Bikes & Bits,has been a motorcycle enthusiast for 50+ years, his first motorcycle being a 50cc Derbi that was later followed up by various British, American, Japanese and European brands. In 1969 he started turning wrenches for a wide range of dealerships and independent motorcycle shops , opening his first shop in Tucson,AZ in 1972 as a all brands repair and salvage shop. In time this progressed into a more specialized business dealing in  British and European motorcycles and later becoming an authorized dealer, first for Benelli and later for Triumph and Neval (the UK laundered Ukranian Dnepr). This was the era where many long time British dealers were re-evaluating their businesses and dropping the British motorcycles, at which time he was able to purchase many small and medium sized inventories which were added to his. Much of these inventories has been used and sold through the years,but there is still a fair amount of NOS left on the shelves and large quantities of used British spares. Feel free to contact Fred to pull on his 50 years of experience.  PH# 1-931-388-2729 Fred